The scrunchie that will change your mind about scrunchies

Oh, poor scrunchies. The most reviled hair accessory since the banana clip, this fabric-covered hairband has gotten a truly bad rap over the past two decades, with everyone from Carrie Bradshaw to random vloggers pleading that we ban them from our lives forever. And for every fashion story that hails the scrunchie’s big and totally ACCEPTABLE comeback, there are five more that insist (condescendingly, knowingly, Miranda Priestly-ly) that its mere presence anywhere near your body is “passé” and “unsophisticated” (and even “dangerous“—HAHAHA, you make-a-me laugh, fashion magazines).

And while we here at HelloGiggles have been relatively scrunchie-agnostic (we’re likers, not fighters, you know) that is all about to seriously change. BEHOLD: Topshop’s bunny-ear scrunchies, which are super-soft, come in about a dozen really cute prints and look like you’ve wrapped a favorite scarf or bandana around your ponytail, without any of the work of actually wrapping a favorite scarf or bandana around your ponytail. They’re retro ’80s, but even more retro ’50s, and would be adorkably wonderful with shorts and tees, bathing suits or a skirt and button-down shirt tied all flirty at your waist. These are scrunchies to love and wear every day, never mind the haters. The best part? You get all this for a mere $8.

Bonus: Topshop has tons of cute hair accessories right now, including this bunny-ear headband, which is just as stylish and perfect as the scrunchie, if not as controversial.

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