The second coming of “Scrubs” is here with Zach Braff’s brand new show

Zach Braff is back on TV. And even though he won’t be donning his iconic blue scrubs, he’s just as hilarious as ever. A trailer for new ABC show Alex, Inc. just premiered, and it looks like everything we’d hope it would be and more.

In Alex, Inc., Braff plays a podcast producer trying to start his life over again. He quits his less-than-fulfilling previous job with perfect comedic flair. Then he decides to start up a podcasting company. And, in doing so, he has to face all the challenges that go along with it.

But this is Zach Braff we’re talking about here. He’s not just going to face these challenges normally. Every step of the way will be filled with an equal mix of heartfelt and hysterical moments.

The story itself is inspired by what Alex Blumberg of This American Life went through when he quit the show to create Gimlet Media. And much of that story comes to life in Braff’s new show. But, of course, it’s filled with all  jokes and perfect one-liners one would expect from the performer.

The trailer suggests the show is filled with tons of memorable characters. But we would expect nothing less from the man who brought us Garden State. There’s also so much physical humor and playfulness packed into the trailer. So if you wanted more of Scrubs-style Zach Braff, it looks like this show will deliver.

We were already excited for this show. But now, thanks to the trailer, we absolutely cannot wait to enjoy every episode.