The ‘Scrubs’ sort-of-reunion is the best reunion of the year

Argue with me if you want, but I’m willing to say on the record that Scrubs is one of the best sitcoms of all time. It had ALL the right comedy moments to make it LOL hilarious, plus it also had those gut-wrenching moments that grabbed our heart strings and twisted them into uncontrollable tear puddles. I can’t be the only one who cried hysterically watching Scrubs practically every other week — only to find myself laughing so hard I was crying moments later. ALSO, Scrubs had the two best friends on TV ever, J.D. and Turk, as played by real life BFFs Zach Braff and Donald Faison. To borrow a line from the show’s musical episode, it was nothing short of “guy love” between those two.

There was a third member of the Sacred Heart Hospital staff — the kinda intimidating and fast-insulting Dr. Cox, as played by John C. McGinley. There was a long running joke on the show about how J.D. strived tirelessly for Dr. Cox’s love — and a coveted hug — which sometimes didn’t happen. So excuse me if I get a little too excited at seeing the three of them reunite, and I just KNOW that J.D. is totally hugging Dr. Cox.

Braff posted to Instagram that the three had a mini-reuinion of sorts, and even captioned it, “reunited and it feels so good.” You have no idea. Even though Scrubs went off the air in 2010, it’s still in heavy rotation in my DVD player. If only this picture had surfaced sooner, I probably would have sent it out as my Christmas card. You can just tell that Braff is holding onto McGinley so tight for that well-deserved hug.

There will never be another comedy-drama-doctor-sitcom as wonderful as Scrubs. And frankly I would not be opposed to a full-fledged Scrubs reunion, including Elliot, Carla, and Rowdy the Stuffed Dog, would you? Give us more pictures Braff!

Image via Zach Braff/Instagram