The first full-length ‘Scream Queens’ trailer is here—and it’s killer

Have you ever wanted a show that’s part Greek, part Pretty Little Liars, and a ton of American Horror Story? Well guess what, that’s now a show. Ryan Murphy’s newest TV venture is like AHS: Sorority, but it’s called Scream Queens. Now Scream Queens has glorious new trailer, featuring Emma Roberts as a wonderfully catty sorority girl who says killer lines like, “What fresh hell is this?”

The official plot for Scream Queens is this: Roberts stars as Chanel, a student at the fictional Wallace University, where a 20-year-old murder mystery has just resurfaced. Enter, the Red Devil — who’s probably the murderer, right? But this is a Murphy TV show, so twists are fair game. We get a quick blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse of him/her/it in the trailer. For a 30-second trailer, Scream Queens is already kinda insane.

Roberts isn’t the only one re-teaming with Murphy for this. Lea Michele makes the jump from Glee, and Ariana Grande and Jamie Lee Curtis also get in on the bloody good fun. Nick Jonas is in the show somewhere too, but this trailer is all about the ladies.

Scream Queens will air Tuesday’s at 9 on Fox this September.

Image via here.