We have a pretty good idea of how insane “Scream Queens” Season 2 is going to be

The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: The Scream Queens cast has officially begun filming Season 2! What do we know about this season thus far? Well, it takes place primarily in a mental institution and… that’s about all we know. However, all the show’s stars were instagramming up a STORM yesterday, so we have some idea of what their first day back was like.

Jamie Lee Curtis started off the day with an inspirational quote:

While Emma Roberts was just feeling zany:

Newbie Taylor Lautner was stoked!

And then Taylor “drilled” another Season 2 addition: John Stamos, who will be playing a doctor as well.

Jamie’s mood took a turn for the worse (lol):

Keke Palmer was having more fun than anymore:

Emma then took a reading break with Moody Bitches:


And, just like that, it was over:

Where’s Lea? What about Abigail? Or Billie? We need more! Ugh – we guess we’ll have to wait until September 20th to find out what Chanel and the gang are up to this season (which is prob going to be INSANE).

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