Scott Patterson explains how “Gilmore Girls” actors dont screw up that crazy fast dialogue

If you think it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the rapid-fire dialogue between Lorelai and Rory while in the middle of a Gilmore Girls binge, imagine actually being with them in Stars Hollow. In Stars Hollow, you can’t just rewind the Netflix episode or turn on the subtitles to see what they’re bantering about, so keeping up with their pace is VERY important. Just ask Luke.

“The acting challenge is to not get caught up in their rhythm, yet not deter from the pace of the scene. That was the tricky part,” Scott Patterson explained to Vulture. Oh, so it is a challenge trying to keep up with them, and then seamlessly fit into their rhythm when it was time for him to ask, “More coffee?” 

“I’d do it by picking up my cues and — you know, I had to be smoother, he says, “because they had this much dialogue [motions a big chunk with his hands], and then I would have that much dialogue [motions a small chunk]. It’s just the rat-a-tat-tat, no gaps, no pausing, no nothing. They end a sentence here, and you start talking there before they end it.

Thankfully, Luke’s always been able to keep up with both Rory and Lorelei, and that’s a good thing. He’s still not offering up any hints as to what they’ll be talking about when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life lands on Netflix, but we’ll have the subtitles ready to go when it happens.

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