Scott Disick had no idea Kim Kardashian was expecting via surrogate, and someone needs to get on the family group text

Kim Kardashian announced to the world that she was expecting her third child, Chicago, via surrogate in September 2017. Keeping Up with the Kardashiansrevealed that she broke the news about her baby plans to her family in May. Well, her entire family…minus Scott Disick. Kim didn’t actively try to exclude him from her baby joy, but it seems she kind of forgot. In a new video clip from the upcoming episode of KUWTK, Kim learns that Scott didn’t know she was expecting, and the interaction is pretty cringe-y.

Listen, Scott and Kourtney Kardashian split and have both moved on with new romantic partners, but they still co-parent their children. Scott is also good friends with Kris Jenner, and has been invited to many family events since his final split from Kourtney. So you’d think that Scott might be on the family group text and might have found out about Kim’s baby news earlier. BuzzFeed did some excellent math based on Kim’s hair color (wig?) in the video clip and deduced that Scott likely found out about Chicago West in September, news the rest of the Kardashian-Jenners had been aware of for months.

In the scene from the upcoming episode, Kim shows Scott around Chicago’s nursery, leading Scott to say, “To be quite honest, I don’t even know what this room is.” After several moments of Scott’s confusion about a nursery room with no baby, Kim asks him, “Is this a joke? Do you not know we’re having another baby?” Following some more back and forth, where Scott legitimately thinks Kim is joking, he sighs and leaves while muttering:

"I don't know what's going on anymore."

SAME, Scott.

It’s also kind of sad, tbh. Scott and Kourtney broke up, but Scott has long contended on the reality series that the Kardashians are the only family unit he has. The Kardashian narrative has always been that they would keep Scott close to the family no matter his relationship status with Kourtney, but after this snafu, and especially after Kendall Jenner’s salty Instagram comment about his relationship with Sofia Richie, we’re not quite sure where he stands in the Kardashian-Jenner squad.

Hopefully, come next baby, Scott is among the first to know.