Scorpio season is telling — not asking — you to come to the dark side

A new month is a new opportunity to recalibrate and settle your bones. It’s when we have a fresh start and a new energetic cycle to grow and bloom with. But there’s something different about November. Once we enter Scorpio season — which lasts from October 23rd until November 21st while the sun is in Scorpio — we look to the darkness, to our mysteries, to our depths. There’s no denying it; the energy is heavy and the seasons are turning. Scorpio season invites us into this matrix, one where we can continue to discover who we are, release shame about our darkness, and reclaim our relationship with money.

Scorpios may have a bad rap because of their sexuality and intensity, but there’s plenty to be said about someone who doesn’t hide their true selves; especially when their interests could be considered taboo. This same energy is prevalent during Scorpio season. As the nights get longer and we’re thrust closer to the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, we’re able to meet ourselves in a more honest place.

As darkness lingers, we’re led back into ourselves.

It’s cuffing season. I mean, who wants to go out when the wind is biting and there are scary movies to watch, blankets to snuggle under, and cider to drink? This is the time of year when we naturally draw inward, kind of like animals that hibernate! And seeing this as an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves is vital.

Scorpio season asks us what our needs are and then it asks us what our needs really are. Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. Mars rules over energy, action, and war, while Pluto rules over sex, death, and transformation. Seeing where you hold shame around these issues can help you figure out what you need to heal or work on. Try taking a bath with salt, flowers, oils, and candles to ground this energy and reconnect with your body. Journaling, guided meditations, and therapy are other ways of working with this intention and energy.

You can also try exploring these themes of sex, death, money, and power as well. Take a pole or rope bondage class, read about kink and BDSM, spend time at a cemetery, read about butterflies and how they transform, or go to a museum about war — the possibilities are endless! And if none of these things sound appealing, no worries. We consulted astrologer Jessica Addams about other ways to tap into the Scorpio season energy. Her suggestion? Work with your wallet, not against it. She says,

"Scorpio season suits charity fundraising and also making/saving money for yourself and the people you care about. It's a good time to sit down and rethink your budget and use your journal to set some financial goals for the next 12 months (until the sun goes into Scorpio again)."

Thinking of money as an energy that you cultivate a relationship with may be of help as well. Many of us have anxiety around money, and taking the time to be honest about our finances in a supportive way (aka one in which we’re not tearing ourselves down) is a perfect way to honor the energy of Scorpio season.

If you need some Scorpios to inspire you, look to Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, Drake, and Kris Jenner for inspiration.

According to Adams, old movies like Wall Street and How to Marry A Millionaire will help you get into the Scorpio spirit. If you want more guidance on how to incorporate Scorpio energy into your season, Jessica also suggests looking to your birth horoscope to see if you have any planets in Scorpio. “Then the Sun will shine a bright spotlight on your Scorpio qualities,” the astrologer adds.

This time of year can be an intense transition from the warmth of summer and early fall, to the darkness that comes as we descend into winter. But working with this energy, instead of against it, is vital. Listening to your body more than ever is vital. Acknowledging your growth and your healing is vital. Recognizing your shadows, your darkness, your secrets as part of you (and not something to be ashamed of) is vital. Scorpio season is when we’re allowed to be our whole selves, no matter how crazy or messy or over-the-top or sexy that is. So go for it!

Buy yourself some beautiful new lingerie, hook up with that ex because you want to, have that picnic at the cemetery, scream at the top of your lungs while parked in a random parking lot; do whatever you need to do to get back into your essence.

Your needs are valid, and we hope Scorpio season reminds you of that.

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