This scientist just gave us the greatest lesson on how to deal with mansplainers

If you are a woman, then you have definitely come in to contact with a mansplainer, and I am so sorry.

Just in case you’re uncertain of the exact definition: “mansplaining” refers to the common practice of  a man explaining things to a woman without considering that the woman may know plenty about the subject she is discussing. A “mansplainer” is the man who commits the crime.

But fear not, Dr. Katie Mack, an Australian theoretical astrophysicist, has provided a Twitter demonstration on effectively shutting down mansplainers.

Dr. Katie Mack researches  black holes, galaxy formation, the cosmos — so yeah, she is amazing.

Recently, an Australian politician appeared on television and attempted to deny climate change. Dr. Mack was having none of this, and she let her almost 50,000 Twitter followers know.

And then some fool decided that Dr. Katie Mack’s position as A THEORETICAL ASTROPHYSICIST somehow did not grant her the knowledge required to make such a statement.


Yeah! Learn some science, you THEORETICAL ASTROPHYSICIST.

But Dr. Mack said you will not talk to me that way, sir.


When Twitter started going bananas over her quickly composed Tweet, Dr. Mack was a bit surprised.

But the Internet continued to recognize it for the flawless takedown that it was.


Dr. Katie Mack told BuzzFeed News that she is no stranger to angry tweets, especially when she discusses climate change. She normally chooses not to engage, but she couldn’t help herself in this case:

“Mostly I try to just share science, and I think that’s more effective than specifically calling out bad science, but sometimes I get really frustrated… I know what it’s like to have lots of angry people jump in your mentions, and I try not to do anything that would likely put other people in that position… I just thought it was kind of hilarious that someone was telling me to learn some science.”

Bow down.

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