This scientist just invented a new product for women in countries where there’s period stigma

Once you get your first period, your main concern becomes making sure that the products you are using are absorbent enough to not leak through your clothes. Just about all of us have an embarrassing period story under our belts associated with that very fact.

That’s why hearing that a scientist in India just invented a new product for women in countries where there’s a period stigma means so much.

Women will be able to openly talk about the struggles of having a menstrual cycle, while at the same time using a product that can help!


As The Washington Post reports, Chandra Shekhar Sharma is a nanotechnologist fascinated with the science behind menstrual products. He saw that the pads and tampons that were available to women in India were not getting the job done, nor were they as absorbent as they could be. He also saw that the materials that were used to make those product contained harmful superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) and toxins which are linked to toxic shock syndrome and can be deadly.


Sharma, along with a team of workers, researchers and scientists came up with a better product using a technique called electrospinning. This technique produced three different types of fibers that can be used in pads and do not contain any dangerous superabsorbent polymers. The fibers are also much thinner then those used in modern-day pads — meaning the product can be thinner too! No more of that diaper feeling you get when wearing a pad all day!


At the end of the day, more women and men should be trying to create products that alleviate problems that half the world’s population has to deal with. Luckily, someone is already on it!