A scientific study says that Harry Styles has the perfect eyes and chin, and we’re not surprised

Science has finally confirmed our theories. Over the years, scientists have been able to tell us a great deal about the world’s secrets, including what qualifies someone — like Harry Styles, for instance — as truly beautiful.

However, the latest break in scientific research confirms what all Harry Styles fans have known to be true from Day 1. The musician-turned-actor has a face made of the most flawless of features. I repeat: Scientific research says Harry Styles has a perfect face. And duh!

For those of us already ahead of the game, Harry Styles’ features have long made him a paragon of perfection.

Anyone who saw how closely Styles’ dreamy baby blues matched the waters of Dunkirk knows that Styles’ eyes are perfection. Still, a new report published by the Center For Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery means everyone else will finally have to get on board. (You too, Beliebers.)

The study focuses on the Golden Ratio (known as Phi). Scientists measured the symmetry of celebrities’ faces to prove which ones are the most attractive. (TBD, why out of all of the information yet to be explored in the universe scientists decided to zero in on this. But we’re happy to have Styles’ looks given the scientific backing they deserve!)

Of all the celebs analyzed in the study, Styles ranked first with the most attractive eyes and chin.

Scientists said that the distance between the eyes, divided by the length of the eye, ought to equal 1.618 (also known as Phi). Styles’ eyes came in at a measurement of 98.15% of the perfect ratio. Your mom’s boy George Clooney came in just behind Styles at 94.8%.

Styles’ chin clocked in at an even closer rate to the scientists’ standard of perfection. According to the reports, the width of the chin at the mid point where it goes in the most should be 1.618 times the length of the lip. Styles’ chin is 99.7% of that ratio.

Styles isn’t the only celeb whose good looks have now been proven by science. Ryan Gosling was found to have the most attractive nose, and David Beckham had the best face shape. George Clooney had the best overall average, followed by Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, and then Harry Styles. Styles’ fellow One Direction alum, Zayn Malik, ranked ninth overall, too.

Theories that Styles’ physical features are evidence of some divine species have yet to be confirmed. But this new update can only mean it’s just a matter of time. Please stand by.

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