Here’s the science behind why you sometimes feel like you have to pee during sex

If having vaginal sex makes you feel like you have to pee like crazy, don’t worry, no witch put an evil curse on you, there’s a completely rational and non-magical explanation for your phantom bladder pangs.

As Shape’s resident sexpert Logan Levkoff explained to Refinery29, the reason behind the urge to pee during sex exist is that the bladder is located behind the vagina, and so the pressure of penetrative sex can also put pressure on your bladder, hence those pee feelings. Different positions affect women differently, as Cosmopolitan points out, so if there’s a position that feels like it puts particular pressure on your bladder, you can maybe make that a “sometimes” position.

The urge to pee during sex can also be affected by the position you’re engaging in. Rear entry penetration can make you have to pee like whoa because that position puts particular pressure on the bladder.

So what’s a girl to do? “Just go to the bathroom beforehand,” is Levkoff’s sage advice.

And if that doesn’t help? Well,then it might have less to do with your bladder and more to do with your G-spot.

“When the G-spot is stimulated, fluid pools around it,” Dr. Levkoff told Refinery29. Noted.

So stop feeling like such a weirdo whenever you feel like you have to pee during sex, you’re totally normal, just go before (and also after to prevent UTIs) and you should minimize the bladder distraction so you can, ahem, focus on the task at hand.

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