Science might be about to make running easier, and yes, please, do that

If you’re like us and recognize that exercise is ~good for you~ but would also rather not go through the pain and suffering caused by running, we have literally the best news ever: a new robotic exosuit could make running easier.

Honestly, we haven’t heard anything so exciting since it was announced that there may be hangover free alcohol in the near future. (And the combination of these two things? Hard partying + no hangover + easy workout the next morning = world domination. But let’s get back to the point.)

With a ‘soft exoskeleton’ scientists have developed, running a 26.2 mile race could only feel 24.9 miles long. Or your 9:14 mile could be reduced to 8:49. #blessed

Actual footage of us running.Were sort of hoping they can up that difference before we wear this to the gym like some kind of lululemon cyborg. Nevertheless, we’re really excited that scientists are looking for the things that matter most to us; namely, exercising as much as we should without feeling like we are.

In the study, scientists pointed out that although our bodies are designed for distance running, there’s room for improvement. (Don’t we know it.)

"Homo sapiens has evolved to become very good at distance running, but our results show that further improvements to this already extremely efficient system are possible."

So how does it work? The suit that scientists developed applies pressure to your hip joint, which helps ease the muscles as you run. In turn, this taxes your system less. Basically, your hips are all, “no, this is cool, we got this.”

Would it be fair to say we’re not running again until we can buy a version of this suit in Target for our next workout? Because that’s… that’s what we’re thinking.