‘Science…For Her!’ is like no science textbook you’ve ever read (and that’s a good thing!)

Science . . . For Her! is much more than just an obvious satire of women’s magazines, it’s a brilliantly poignant and deranged narrative hidden within the structure of a faux textbook. A faux textbook that dumbs down science (you know, so women can understand it) all explained by a fictional version of the IRL author, Megan Amram.

If you have an active Twitter account, then you likely already know her name (she’s hilarious). It’s also possible you’ve come across her Tumblr page where she does loads of comedy writing for free. The hyper-intelligent writer is a talent who unfailingly knocks me off my feet. She can go from utterly absurd and hilarious prose to strikingly profound poetry. It’s mighty impressive.

With Science . . . For Her! she takes on various perceived idiosyncrasies about young women, for example their penchant for having several “besties” (in her case, pages and pages of them). She also mocks the way women are perceived by the media and how their interests are represented in magazines. The cover resembles the layout of an issue of Cosmo, but the content takes you on a very unique journey through science and self-discovery. That is, if you’re discovering that you’re out of your mind.

Here are just five reasons you’ll love highlighting this very bizarre, very special, new kind of textbook:

1. It’s filled with immense intelligence delivered via outrageous hilarity

After reading Gone Girl, you’re going to need an emotional vacation. It’s time to take a break from all that dark writing and laugh the sad out of yourself. Amram will both make you laugh and make you think. 

2. It features actual science alongside belligerent comedy

“You know how sometimes you buy a ton of stuff at Costco? Well, when your parents’ DNA mixes, it’s combined through chromosomes. Chromosomes are large bundles of DNA and genes all clumped together, like a lot of toilet paper at Costco.” Things get raunchy after that.

3. She makes the funny uncomfortable, and the uncomfortable funny  

If you are offended by what you read in this book, then you need to take Amram a little less seriously. Sure I gasped when I read the section about birth control, but it’s a mistake to actually believe Amram when she says that ugliness is a form of contraception. Or is it?

4. It takes hilarious jabs at women’s magazines

Amram gives hot tips like, “Trading Dungeons: How To Spruce Up Your Basement Dungeon” and “Fashion Staples for Each Step of Global Warming.” Yeah it’s hyperbole, but is it really that far off?

5. You’ll wish you had this textbook in science class

Amram brings the whole “for her” industry to its knees. Do women really need special products made just for them? (Remember, Bic Pens For Her?) She addresses this each time she mocks the idea that science needs to be dumbed down for women. How could we possibly wrap our feeble minds around such difficult information?

Science . . . for Her! is available on Amazon for far less than what you’d pay for a biology textbook.

Featured Image via Amazon.com.

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