Science actually just told us what the best dance moves are, so groove on!

After reporting on the best dance moves for men, scientists from Northumbria University took a stab at proving the sexiest dance moves for women. And the results aren’t that shocking. Spoiler alert — it’s all in the hips! But according to the scientists, throwing in a bit of thigh and arm movements will help any female dancer take the spotlight.

Scientists used motion-capture technology to record 39 female students as they danced to a drum beat. The purpose was to judge the participants on their moves solely, and not their physical attributes.

Here’s an example of what good dance moves look like.

She used a little hip, thigh, and arm action to deliver some killer, yet simple, moves, and it works!

And, here’s an example of a bad dancer.

Her moves are very calculated and almost too awkward to watch.

It was also noted that higher ratings were given to dancers with bigger hip swings and asymmetrical leg movements. And while styles of dance are strongly influenced by culture, co-author of the study Nick Neave found that people generally agree on what a bad and good dancer look like.

So, there you have it! The right balance of hip and thigh circles, matched with organic arm movements, will forever rule the dance floor.