David Schwimmer and Rebel Wilson had a rap battle and we’re all winners

Rap battles, though once underground and reserved for Eminem-calibur rappers, have now become more mainstream. And thank goodness because seeing some of our favorite non-rappers drop sick beats and show off some mad rhyming skills might just be our new favorite thing about the internet.

The Late Late Show with James Corden recently had an epic battle between two of our favorite people. Well, to be specific, three of our favorites: It started out as a battle between the hilarious host Corden and the legendary Friends star David Schwimmer.


The musical fight appropriately begins with each battler coming out with tons of fanfare looking totally badass in custom boxer-style robes. And the build up is worth every bit of the hysterical payoff. The two of them went toe-to-toe in rounds back and forth, dropping some delightful (even if they were sometimes playfully cutting) lines back and forth. As you can imagine, there was a never-ending trail of Friends jokes, because, of course.

It seemed like the rap battle could end in a tie, with both performers exchanging some equally entertaining jabs. Until Rebel Wilson shows up and basically shuts the place down. First she takes on Schwimmer then she turns her sick rhymes on Corden. She ends with (literally) Pitch Perfect perfection and the crowd goes absolutely insane.


No doubt this will go down in late-night comedy history as one of the most surprising and spot-on rap battles between a bunch of people we love who we had (until now) no idea were such talented rappers!

Watch the whole rap battle here and prepare yourself for some seriously slick symphonic style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=