19 school supplies for the person who would rather binge-watch than go back to school

We all have that friend who quotes television like it’s their job. Heck, maybe you are that friend! If you are, you know that when you’re addicted to television, peeling yourself away from the screen for anything is a huge struggle. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of school supplies perfect for anyone who considers themselves a total TV head. They will make withdrawal symptoms during the back-to-school season a little less painful.

So take a break from that show you’re watching and scroll through the back-to-school necessities we gathered. We’re sure they’ll make any great lover of television swoon.

1Grey’s Anatomy “Screw Beautiful, I’m Brilliant” Laptop Sleeve ($25)


You can even buy two — one for you, and one for your person.

2Ruskerville Stranger Things Customizable Weekly Planner ($24)


Chief Hopper was right — “Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”

3LosersInk Friends Quote Pencils ($13.31)


As the Beatles once said, “Oh I’ll get by with a little help from my Friends.” They were definitely talking about the TV show, right?

4Game of Thrones Jon Snow’s Backpack ($59.99)


In order to protect the public from the White Walkers, one must educate themselves as to how to do so — and yes, that does include learning algebra and chemistry, okay?!

5Patiak Doctor Who River Song’s Journal ($29.29+)


Use this for schoolwork or to write all your romantic thoughts about the Doctor.

6Twin Peaks Double R Diner Travel Mug ($24.37)


For when you need “a damn fine cup of coffee” to get through your morning class.

7Collecazilla Orange Is The New Black Litchfield Pen ($2.66)


Stay in school, kids.

8Villow Rugrats Pencil Case ($14)


Your love for television had to start somewhere.

9Riverdale Jughead Jones Woz Here Notebook ($14)


Isn’t it just so annoying when your BF writes all over you things? Ugh!

10KareCreates How I Met Your MotherBarney’s Playbook Binder ($35)


You’ve school-supplied up.

11pinsandneedlespdx Golden Girls Magnets ($4.25)


Who wouldn’t want to open up their locker and be greeted by the four best buds ever to grace our TV screens?

12Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner Lunch Bag ($17.99)


We’d much rather be eating at Luke’s than the crowded school cafeteria — and that’s coming from avid cellphone users.

13The Office Dunder Mifflin Copy Paper ($10)


Hey, you have to print your essays out on something, right?

14AlohomoraDesign New Girl Schmidt Tote Bag ($15)


Because when you’re roaming the halls of your school, there are literally “youths everywhere!”

15MTspaces Sherlock Composition Notebook ($12)


Brainy’s the new sexy, after all. 

16Bob’s Burgers Louise Kuchi Kopi Water Bottle ($10.32)


This water bottle could either be a good luck charm or a source of crazy hallucinations while you nap during study hall. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

17The X-Files “I Want To Believe” iPad Skin ($20)


You want, you can, and you will believe.

18Mimoco The Flash 8GB Flash Drive ($37.74)


We’re sorry, but this is hilarious.

19Nextphase Screen Time Manager ($79.99)


Because how else is your homework going to get done?

Not being able to watch your shows all day, every day won’t be as awful as you originally thought now that you’re equipped with the right screen-themed school tools. Remember, work hard so you can watch hard, people.

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