A sixth-grader wrote a will in case there’s a shooting at his school, and it makes our hearts hurt

Our hearts literally can’t take this. We live in a very tumultuous society, and tensions regarding the national debate over gun violence are at an all-time high. While some people continue to argue over the efficacy of gun control, it’s important we all remember that gun violence is never okay. And, more importantly, no child should be worried about school shootings. However, one sixth-grader decided to write a will after his school received a threat, and we’re honestly crying.

Javon Davies, a sixth-grader from Birmingham, Alabama, recently wrote his “will” after his school received a threat of violence. Written as a letter to his best friend, it completely shattered us.

“It was a PlayStation 4, plus controllers, plus the game that goes to it. My cat, my TV, my Xbox,” said Javon, when he described his will in an interview with CBS affiliate WIAT. “It was just in case something happened to one of us, because some kids get rowdy up and might end up getting somebody shot or something.”

The letter ended with a message to his family that shattered our hearts.

"Dear family, I love you all. You gave me the clothes on my back and you stuck with me all the time. Love, Javon."

Javon’s letter shocked his mom, Mariama Davies, when she saw it.

"It's really hard because he's so young. He just shouldn't have to go through that, period, because for what? He's in sixth grade, Mariama said. “You have a lot ahead of you, and these things going on, you shouldn't have to worry about, go through, or even think about.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we all agree that enough is enough.

Gun violence needs to stop. We will continue to advocate for responsible gun control until all students, teachers, and individuals can live without fear. This is a terrifying subject, but change can only take place through these difficult conversations and, most importantly, through action.

We hope to be part of the movement that builds a better future so students like Javon can feel safe from school shootings. If you’re looking for ways to get involved, there are countless organizations advocating for gun control that you can join or donate to. You can also participate in the upcoming March for Our Lives on Saturday, March 24th in Washington, D.C., or join one of the 80+ local marches near you.

When it comes to school shootings, enough really is enough.