This school is coming under fire for its sexist curriculum

Texas schools are not having a good week: First there was the Ahmed Mohamed case, which saw the 14-year-old high schooler suspended for bringing a clock to school because it resembled a bomb. (He won’t be returning to that school, by the way — by choice.) And now there’s Borchardt Elementary School​ in Plano, Texas, which is drawing the wrong kind of attention over some sexist school curriculum.

Ahead of the start of the school year, the elementary school sent out letters to parents detailing the courses their children would be taking that year. For boys: College and career exploration. For girls: Girl Talk, including how to form lasting friendships and a discussion of confidence and whether you can have too much of it. (Short answer: No.)

Luckily, parents who send their kids to the school proved to be much more progressive than their kids’ teachers and immediately called for a change, leading to an explanation from the Frisco school district that “it was the intention all along that the students would get the same lessons” and serious backpedal on the school’s part.

“Girls and boys in these grades will take part in guidance lessons separately, but both groups will cover the same topics,” said Borchardt Elementary principal Jodi Davis in an email sent to parents one week after the original letter. “Lessons may be slightly staggered in the timing of their delivery, but all students will have the same exposure to the same guidance curriculum during the course of the year. College and career exploration will be a topic for both groups this fall.”

Accordingly, a revised letter was shared on the school’s website with both boys and girls receiving college prep this time around and no mention of so-called “Girl Talk.” Meanwhile, the kiddies might not fully understand what just happened — and may not for years to come — but it’s a major victory for all of them, we promise.

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