This school issued warrants to family members cheering for their girls at graduation

Graduation day is a wonderful day for students, but it’s perhaps even more wonderful for proud parents and family whose hearts are swelling with joy for their babies. To see their son or daughter walking down the aisle to receive a hard-earned diploma — that’s a cause for excitement indeed. That’s why we’re scratching our heads over Senatobia High School in Mississippi, who kicked out four different family members for cheering on their kids at their graduation ceremony.

“My 18-year-old daughter, Lanarcia Walker, graduated from Senatobia High,” mother Linda Walker told WREG Memphis. But they weren’t able to celebrate for long. When father Henry Walker yelled out, “You did it, baby!” (prompting appreciative laughs from the crowd), he was asked to leave the ceremony. Ursula Miller, aunt of another student at the ceremony, was also asked to leave. “When she went across the stage I just called her name out,” Miller explained to WREG. “‘Lakaydra’. Just like that.”

This, on its own, would be understandable; the superintendent did directly ask the crowd not to shout out and to hold their applause until the end (or they’d be asked to leave), according to police officers at the scene. However, that’s not all the school did.

“A week or two later, I was served with some papers,” Miller told WREG. They were warrants for arrest, with a possible $500 bond. WHAT. Turns out the district superintendent Jay Foster had filed “disturbing the peace” charges against the four people who had shouted out during graduation. Seriously.

“It’s crazy,” Henry Walker told WREG. “The fact that I might have to bond out of jail, pay court costs, or a $500 fine for expressing my love, it’s ridiculous man. It’s ridiculous.” Ridiculous, indeed! However, according to WREG, the superintendent said that he’s determined to have order at the school’s graduation ceremonies. Um, yeah, order is cool, but warrants for arrest is going a liiittle bit far, don’t you think?

“Why assign papers on someone?” Linda Walker said. “We don’t have money for anything like that.”

Now, the families are expected to go to court on June 9… for not being able to contain their excitement for their kids.

“I can understand they can escort me out of the graduation,” Miller told WREG, “but to say they going to put me in jail for it. What else are they allowed to do?”

It’s understandable to ask someone to leave for shouting out at graduation. But to send a warrant for their arrest? That is absolutely heartless and ridiculous, and ruining the pomp and circumstance for hard-working grads and their families. We sincerely hope something is done about this. Check out WREG‘s full coverage here.

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