Spooky scented skulls candles that cry when the wax melts

Seeing as how it’s officially September, you can now start decorating for Halloween. Promise. So break out the pumpkins, the rubber bats, and everything orange, yellow, and black, and just go crazy. If you’ve got a little bit of space on your shelf – and a few dollars in your pocket — we also just discovered the BEST Halloween decoration for the year 2015. How about some skull candles to really set the mood? Honestly, these candles are amazing all year round, so if you’re like, “ah! It’s too early for Halloween!” Just ignore the whole Halloween part of this paragraph and check out the candles anyway.

The thing about these skull candles is that they cry. Not like, out-loud wailing for spirits, but as the candles inside of them melt, the wax trickles down through their eye sockets. These candles are both spooky, and a little adorable, so we need all of them.

Coming to us from The Jacks, the company has actually launched a Kickstarter so you don’t even have to try and figure out how to purchase these on their website. There are actually two other candle holders, aside from the skull, in the shape of a deer head and a rabbit head. But we want the skull . . . because it’s amazing.

The skull holder (in black or white) also comes with a very appropriate candle brain — in five different scents! You’ve got your choice of cotton, lavender, vanilla, coconut, or a chocolate-y scent.

For only $29, you can snag one of these candles before they go out for mass retail, and even better, they’re expected to ship on October 19th of this year. So yeah, you could totally have one of these on your kitchen table well before Halloween. And even after Halloween, and after the candle has burned all the way down, you’ve still got a li’l skull for next year. Or for all year, if you keep your Halloween decorations out year-round.

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[Image via The Jacks and Kickstarter]

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