Here Are 13 Cats On The Covers Of Magazines, OK?

The Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman Billy Corgan has been called a lot of things over his career as the reigning prince of grunge — but ‘adorable‘? Not so much. Yet Corgan appeared on a recent cover of Paws Chicago magazine, promoting a charity that funds No-Kill shelters for all manner of our favorite stray, furry friends. And it’s pretty friggin’ cute:

So cute, in fact, that I got to thinking: how many other scene-stealing cats have paired up with human stars to sell magazines? Answer: probably enough to make your Friday afternoon turn at least twice as fun in about a minute. First off on the cat cover tour…

And on the flip side, covers where cats take the spotlight: Oh, cats. You fabulous, furry critters. If these li’l divas sufficiently tugged at your heartstrings, be like Billy and check out your local ASPCA chapter for ways to help the abandoned and stray animal plight. And if you’d like to start a tailspin down Procrastination Lane, stick around.