Everyone thinks this scary Instagram thing happened, but don’t worry, it didn’t

Did you notice anything funky happening to your Instagram this week? Many users did and took to Twitter to complain that they had been hacked.

Not to worry, people of Instagram! You weren’t hacked, there was just a glitch in the system. In a now-removed Tweet captured by Re/code, they explained that users should be able to log in properly, although it might have been a slower process than normal at the time, and that their passwords were not changed.


It seems this particular IG outage caused the app to not only become unavailable to users, but actually kicked people out of their own accounts, creating a mass-panic that said accounts were being hacked.

It is always stressful, however, when you get a password change message on one of your social accounts. We totally get it and would have freaked as well.

But don’t worry, your Valencia-themed photos are safe, now go get your Instagram on with full confidence!

(Image via Shutterstock)