Ellen DeGeneres showed Scarlett Johansson a picture of young Colin Jost, and now she’s emotionally scarred for life

ICYMI, Scarlett Johansson is dating Colin Jost, one of the head writers for Saturday Night Live. And Ellen DeGeneres poked a bit of fun at the latter to Johansson when she went on Ellen to promote Avengers: Infinity War, showing her a picture of young (and scruffy) Colin Jost. In the photo, Jost and comedian John Mulaney are clearly in costume for a 1970s-era period sketch. Except…the hair isn’t part of the costume. That’s just how Jost looked. And *understandably*, Scarlett had some feelings about it.

Young Colin Jost, with his mussed hair and patchy beard, wouldn’t recognize the clean-cut dude anchoring Weekend Update today.

When faced with this photo of her boo in his earlier years on Saturday Night Live, Scarlett Johansson reacted the correct way: She was in complete shock. “I thought he was in a disguise,” Ellen explained to the audience, “But that’s really what he looked like! Had you seen that before?” Replied a glassy-eyed ScarJo, “I can’t unsee it now.”

This is the second glimpse fans have seen of DJ Yung Jost in as many weeks — Mulaney posted a throwback of the writers’ room that also featured a shaggy AF Jost — but in the immortal words of Ryan Howard, “Even for the internet, it’s still pretty shocking.” TBH, I don’t hate scruffy Jost, but I’m not Scarlett Johansson. “Did I make a mistake?” the Ellen host joked, “Did I just break y’all up?” Fortunately, no; their relationship is strong enough to survive this storm.

Watch Scarlett Johansson react to young Colin Jost in a way that *has* to mean she’s surprised.


C’mon, there’s good acting, and then there’s genuine shock. Seeing your preppy, grown-up beau 10 years younger and looking like he just rolled out of a college dining hall? You can’t fake a reaction to that.

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