Scarlett Johansson summed up why Planned Parenthood is so important in a wonderful speech at the Women’s March

She’s opened up about her experience with Planned Parenthood before, but this weekend, her words were more powerful than ever. During the Washington D.C. Women’s March, actress Scarlett Johansson talked about using Planned Parenthood at a young age, and her speech was truly inspirational.

Johansson specified that the nonprofit served as her very first gynecologist at the age of 15, and mentioned that she found the organization after she had some questions about her growing body.

During her initial appointment, the actress noted that the staff at the clinic were nothing but helpful, and made her feel comfortable throughout every step of the way — which is why she continued to see them for her annual checkups.

"She was compassionate and professional and told me she was happy to treat me for regular checkups, and when the time came, for STD and cancer screenings," Johansson said regarding her clinician. "No judgment. No questions asked. Planned Parenthood provided a safe place where I could be treated with gentle guidance.

Here’s a portion of her powerful speech:

The speech was even braver since Johansson has notoriously kept much of her personal life private. Having her open up about a doctor’s appointment as a teenager only proves how important the cause is for Johansson.

Planned Parenthood is facing many upcoming challenges based on the political change we witnessed this week. Many are against the organization, which provides affordable women’s health care throughout the United States. Running on a sliding-fee scale, many clinics also accept males as patients.

The clinic was founded on October 16th, 1916, which means that they’ve been providing care for 100 years.

"I may have been 15 and surprisingly self-sufficient, but I am sure that there's not one person here who hasn't been helped by Planned Parenthood, directly or otherwise," Johansson stated.

We’re so glad that she decided to address the topic. Her presence and her story helped make an amazing event even better.