Scarlett Johansson Knows Her Pandemic Wedding to Colin Jost Was Totally “Weird”

The "Jost 2020" masks were a bizarre party favor, she said.

As Late Night host Seth Meyers said during the July 12th episode of his show, Scarlett Johansson and husband, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host Colin Jost, had a “very pandemic wedding” last year. The pair tied the knot during the height of the pandemic in October 2020, and Johansson admits that it was “weird.”

“It was a little stressful,” Johansson recalled to Meyers. “Colin … he’s very fortunate. His grandparents are still with him. There are several people in their 90s in his family. The Josts live forever and they were at our wedding.”

With so many older folks in attendance, Johansson said the pressure was on. She and Jost “wanted to take all the precautions that we could, so we had the masks made, you know ‘Jost 2020’ … and everybody had to get [COVID] tests like 100,000 times.” She said, luckily, the COVID testing wasn’t that big of an issue because half the people that were at the wedding work with Jost at NBC, which required them to get tested on a regular basis.

I mean, it’s just weird, she said, specifically looking back at the photos with everyone in masks. [The mask was] definitely was a weird party favor that could only happen now, Johansson joked, but you just gotta go with it.

Johansson and Jost got engaged in 2019 after dating for two years. This is Jost’s first marriage and Johansson’s third. She was first married to actor Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2010, and then to Romain Dauriac from 2014 to 2017. She shares a 6-year-old daughter with Dauriac.

“We were just so happy to see people that we hadn’t seen in such a long time,” Johansson said, recognizing that she and Jost were fortunate to be able to have the get-together. And even though it was “weird,” the Black Widow actress said the event was “beautiful”—and it was probably the highlight of every guest’s year.

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