Scarlett Johansson met her doppelgänger, and they had a blast

Back in April, you may remember hearing about Scarlett Johansson’s lookalike. Well now, Scarlett Johansson met her doppelgänger, according to Entertainment Weekly, and they had a blast. But how did it come to the two of them meeting face-to-face? First, we have to back up a couple months.

Johansson first found out about her twin, aka 72-year-old Geraldine Dodd, through a link online.

Dodd’s grandson, Denver, had posted an Imgur link to a photo of 22-year-old Dodd on Reddit, and you’ll do a double-take when you look at it. ICYMI, Johansson isn’t into social media, but so many people told her about Dodd that Johansson finally had to take a look for herself.

“This came to me purely because people were like, ‘Oh my god, you have a doppelgänger and it’s crazy,’ Johansson told The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on June 16th, reported Entertainment Weekly. “So I looked at this link online. This woman looks exactly like me.

Here’s the photographic evidence so you can judge for yourself.

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“And so when I found out that obviously she looked exactly like me but she was wasted [in the photo], I was like, ‘You should come and we should get wasted together at the Rough Night premiere,’ she told Colbert. “And so she came…and we did get kind of trashed.

Of course, there’s a connection between drinking IRL and drinking in the film — where a group of women have a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. In addition to Johansson, a LOT of our favorite people are in it, too: Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer, Jillian Bell, and Zoe Kravitz.

ICYMI, here’s the video from April of Johansson inviting Dodd to be her guest.

We love love loved that video invite, and were so happy that Johansson and Dodd finally met IRL.


And it DEF looks like they had a great time together.


“She was such a nice woman, though, Johansson told Colbert. “Honestly, it was wonderful to meet her. She’s from Arkansas and her daughter, of course, owns a bar and so — and I will eventually make my way to Arkansas and continue this family reunion. She’s just awesome.

Okay, we have all the feels! If you want even ~more~ feels, you can watch the clip of Johansson telling Colbert all about it here.

Meanwhile, we’re off to see Rough Night, which is in theaters now!