Is this the “scariest trailer ever made?”

Are you tired of being able to sleep at night? Well, great news! The trailer for the Austrian film Goodnight Mommy is out and it will leave you terrified. In fact, some (perhaps hyperbolic?) film enthusiasts are calling it the “scariest movie trailer ever made.”

The movie itself sounds like something straight out of a nightmare, and looks like it too. It’s set in a country house deep in the woods (already scary) and the plot focuses on the reaction of  9-year-old twins when their mother comes home after receiving extensive cosmetic surgery. But here’s the thing—the twins aren’t totally sure it’s actually their mom, and she definitely seems extremely weird and not like their mom and she’s also wearing a lot of creepy bandages on her face and she eats bugs and it is all SCARY.Reviews aren’t giving too much away, but the film has been likened to The Shining (twins, scariness) , and, a few scenes are reportedly so violent that, when it screened this month at the Venice Film Festival, some viewers actually got up and “sprinted” from the theater.

Although you don’t see anything particularly horrible in the trailer, the music and imagery themselves are extremely discomforting. I’m a huge baby when it comes to horror films, and I made it (almost) all the way through without covering my eyes, but if you’re really sensitive to psychological horror rather than gore, you might wanna skip this one.

Goodnight Mommy is in theaters next month. After watching this trailer, you might not sleep until then!

(Image via Youtube)