The Scariest Recurring Dream You’re Most Likely to Have, Based on Where You Live

This frightening dream may have you moving cross-country in order to avoid it.

If your dreams often consist of random high school memories and important tests you forgot to study for (or perhaps, showed up without pants), you are not alone. Being back in school is a common recurring dream, but surprisingly, it’s not the most prevalent one out there. 

According to a survey conducted by Amerisleep, over 2,000 people across the US revealed what kinds of scary scenarios they dream about most often. And some common themes could be traced back to where these respondents live.

In fact, one region, in particular, is making us wonder why they have some of the most stress-inducing recurring dreams in America.

For starters, one of the most common recurring dream themes is about being back in school, which has people living in the West, Midwest, Northeast, or South waking up in a pure panic over missing the school bus or forgetting your locker combination.

Person in high school

Similarly, being unprepared for a test came up for many across the country. If only we could recall our notes from pre-calculus!

Flying was also a common theme for dreamers in the West, Southwest, and South — a nice, non-stressful, departure from the typical scary dreams (that we wish was a reality).

But, this was in direct opposition to the Midwest, where ‘mortality’ ranked high amongst responses. Emo much, Minnesota?

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So what kinds of dreams are people across the US dreaming most often? According to the results, it doesn’t matter where you live: at some point, you’ll be dreaming about falling or being chased

This is especially true if you’re from the Southwest, where dreams about falling and being chased were tied for the top.


What is happening in places like Arizona and Texas that is making y’all have dreams like you’re the star of a bad horror film?

Can anything be done to keep us from jolting up in bed after a dream fall? Amerisleep suggests tips like practicing good sleep hygiene (such as regulating your bedroom’s temperature), reducing your daily stressors, and journaling.

And for folks living in the Southwest who are having reoccurring nightmares, perhaps moving to a different part of the country might not be such a bad idea.

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