Um, here’s the scariest episode of ‘Friends’ never made

When you settle down for a Friends marathon, it’s so you can get a few laughs and stare lovingly at Ross (I don’t care if it’s just me!). I bet, however, you wouldn’t think that the series would also make a bone-chilling horror movie. Someone out there did, and they took to the Internet to make it a reality.

It sounds impossible. The whole point of the series is back to back hilarious banter. How could it possibly be scary? With the right lighting and the perfect creepy soundtrack, the latest viral video proves just how scary Friends can be.

Created by World Wide Interweb, the video takes familiar scenes from our favorite series and cuts them together into what looks like an old-fashioned thriller, complete with possible murder and a lot of dark looks.

For instance, the video begins with Monica on the phone with Richard, and it sounds like she did something pretty bad. Then there’s iconic scenes, like Ross’s struggles at work and the infamous drawl of Janice’s voice. Except now it’s all…a little creepier. Maybe it’s the lighting, or the clanking and ringing of some pretty eerie bells. Whatever it is, the show takes on a whole new meaning after you see it. Take a look:

Dead Friends: “Friends” Recut As A Horror Movie… by worldwideinterweb

It works out so well that you can’t help but wonder if this was some sneaky Easter egg included by the show’s creators. Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this creepy take on the show—and just in time for the air to start getting a little cooler and the streets a little spookier.


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