Hey, Gladiators: This 6-episode “Scandal” web series is just what you need this weekend

Surprise! While you’ve been waiting patiently/not so patiently for Scandal to return on January 26th, ABC just snuck right in with a very special unexpected treat. A Scandal web series debuts today ahead of season 6.  And, guess what, it’s pretty much exactly what will help you get through the weekend.

We couldn’t help noticing that the season 6 premiere was delayed, (boo!!) So the web series seems to be somewhat of a delightful peace offering (yay!!)

And it’s totally working.

Created and directed by Scandal star Darby Stanchfield (AKA Abby), the six episode web series, Scandal: Gladiator Wanted, features Gladiators Huck (Guillermo Diaz), Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) as they work on finding an intern for Olivia Pope & Associates.

The web series is Stanchfield’s directorial debut, which makes all of this even more exciting. Of course, according to Stanchfield, she’s had lots of help from the ultimate pro. Show creator Shonda Rhimes has shown her nothing but support, because of course she has.


"Our goal at Shondaland is to hire the best people and then keep them here, but in order to do that, we need to create opportunities for them to grow," Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter. "They have to continue learning and doing what they're passionate about — whether they are an actor that wants to learn how to direct or a PA that wants to take the next step. We love watching them grow and succeed and this web series was the perfect way to do just that."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stanchfield said she was inspired to step behind the camera. Her excitement grew after watching co-star Tony Goldwyn (President Grant), direct an episode.

"When you see the first episode of Scandal season six if you have seen Gladiator Wanted you will be like, 'Oh OK,'" Stanchfield told THR. "There are some new reveals in the first episode and Gladiator Wanted connects a couple of those dots...There's a similar tone and humor and a lot of inside Gladiator jokes."

Scandal: Gladiator Wanted will be available on ABC.com and the ABC app starting today! And Scandal makes its long-awaited return on January 26th at 9/8c on ABC.

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