This ‘Scandal’ actor basically always feels objectified

Cosmopolitan has brought our attention actor Scott Foley (AKA Jake Ballard on Scandal, AKA Noel forever in our hearts from Felicity)’s most recent contribution to society. Foley has teamed up with Swiffer to help adorable animals find their forever homes. “I’ve been an animal advocate for years,” he said.

Here’s proof of his love for dogs. Specifically, this dog:

Not hard to look at, right? Well, here’s the thing. Foley knows that. Cosmopolitan asked if he ever feels objectified when his fans ever so lovingly referring to him as “pillow lips,” and his response was golden. “​I always feel objectified,” he said. ​”I don’t mind, I think it’s a compliment. Someone wrote an article years ago when I was on Felicity, saying I had ‘bee-stung lips’, and I didn’t quite get it. But if ‘pillow lips’ is in the same vein, I’ll take it.​ I’m very fortunate to be where I am, to be doing the kind of work that I’m doing with the people I’m doing it with, and if to some people I’m nothing more than the guy who takes his shirt off, or ‘pillow lips,’ sure, that’s OK. I’ll take it.”

Even though we know Scott Foley is making light of how he’s objectified, we think it’s important to say here that it’s not really okay to objectify anyone. Even though it’s women who tend to experience objectification, this is a problem all people face, and though it’s totally cool to crush on someone’s looks, that just needs to be one part of the whole package that we’re celebrating. And there’s a LOT more to celebrate about Foley than just his bee-stung lips. He’s an actor par excellence (NOLAN, you guys, NOLAN), he’s also an accomplished screenwriter and director, as well as being an aforementioned animal advocate. So let’s celebrate ALL of Scott Foley. Lips included. But not JUST lips. Capiche?

(Image via Instagram and ABC)