I say “yes” to too many things, and I’m okay with that

Being in my mid-twenties, newly married, in a job that’s great and with awesome friends constantly around me, I’m really okay with using a large chunk of free time to, as they say, YOLO. And here’s why I’m okay with my over-committed life and crazily-filled calendar:

Being social keeps me active.

By having something to do more often than not, there’s a good chance that you won’t find me just sitting around. Having a busy social calendar allows me to see friends all the time, but it also allows me to stay physically active. I go to workout classes and on walks with friends which obviously counts, but beyond that the sheer act of getting outside my home and just doing something makes for more of an active lifestyle. My husband and I do a great job of balancing working hard and playing hard, and we like to explore and just get out there and have fun. By committing to proposed weekend plans or getting involved in something new I stay up and about and ready to move. The trick is balancing resting when I need to (because let’s be real, we can’t ALWAYS be on the go!) and doing everything in moderation.

Saying yes allows me to experience and learn new things.

Sometimes committing yourself and your time to a new group, club, non-profit, or job can be intimidating. Even committing to trying a new restaurant or yoga studio can be scary. So saying yes to trying new places and new things can be your opportunity to get out there and jump into the world of the unknown. I’ve learned that sometimes my favorite things in life have come from taking chances and committing to the types of plans and friends that push you to explore new opportunities outside of my comfort zone. Did I ever think I’d become obsessed with group fitness classes? No way! I used to be terrified of the thought of that. But after saying yes to a girlfriend, I found one of my favorite hobbies. So it can be little things like trying a new barre class, or big things like applying for a new job someone recommended to you. Either way, committing to those new things out there can expand your world, and your mindset.

Getting involved lets me use my talents in rewarding ways.

It goes without saying that we’re all busy and committed when it comes to our day (or night) jobs. But what about when you commit yourself and some of your free time to use the skills from your day job in another capacity? Finding ways to get involved in groups and organizations that need your type of skill or expertise turns free time into rewarding and successful work. Being young and involved in vibrant organizations allows for a lot of learning and growth. This is a type of time commitment that is not only beneficial for me and my need to be on-the-go, but also to groups who are looking for just that — someone who willingly wants to be involved! And when you’re living in the world of YPs, there are a lot of potential groups to get involved with. What I’ve learned by putting myself out there and joining new groups in my twenties is that it really allows me to experience something new and to meet new people. I’ve gotten involved in different non-profit groups where I meet people I would have never met before, and get to give my time to places that genuinely need and benefit from my commitment. On weeks where my post-workday evenings are filled with meetings, I remember that my commitment to these groups really means something to them, and in turn, means a lot to me.

Being an “over-committer” makes me who I am.

At the end of the day, being busy and being involved makes me who I am. I’m happy being the “yes” person in the group and I’m happy with where I am in life. So although I may not have free time very often, it’s really because my free time is filled with things I enjoy doing and puts me in the places where I want to be. So until the next stage of life comes my way, for now, I’ll continue to happily be the busy bee I am.