Vagina tightening wands are a thing, and here’s why you shouldn’t use them

Vaginas. Those of us who have them know that there are so many products and trends out there that claim to enhance a vagina’s state of being. Douches, vaginal steamers, herb satchels — all marketed to women to “better” their vaginas. Which makes it no surprise that we’re now hearing about a vagina tightening wand (or stick) that’s a part of the vagina policing market.

What is a “vagina tightening stick” exactly? It’s a stick, which vagina stick-selling websites say originates from Asian countries and has been passed down from “generation to generation.” And it supposedly tightens your vagina and “makes you feel wanted again.” You can buy them for about $40 on websites like this one or Amazon —but you really shouldn’t.


Dr. Jen Gunter, a gynecologist, explains and dismantles the not-so-magic wand on her blog. “[The vagina wand is] a stick made of plants and ground pearls and herbs and stuff that you insert into your vagina for 2 minutes …to tighten things up. For him, of course. So he’ll desire you more.”

Gunter states that the herbs, pearls, and plants dry out your lady parts (which, in turn, temporarily tighten things up down there). Because, a dried out vaginal canal leads to “painful penetration and spasms” which “tighten the vaginal opening.” The stick, only taking two minutes, most likely has a large amount of chemicals in it if it supposedly works that fast.

She also warns, “The lack of wetness and pain from the resulting abrasions may also cause the pelvic floor to spasm during sex (not in a good way) and this will tighten the vaginal opening (which can make insertion painful).”


Justin Shelton, an OBGYN physician from Philadelphia, also warns women not to experiment with the vagina stick because there’s nothing even out there to prove that this torture-device even works.

“I wouldn’t recommend any kind of herbal stick because the safety profiles aren’t out there and there’s no data to back up their claims. The effects on the body are undetermined. If you use it, you’re taking a gamble on whether or not it is safe and going to work.”


But what the wand doesn’t account for is that vaginas should stretch, and that the marginal stretching that comes with child birth and old age is totally natural. Also remember that vaginas have their own systems going on (they ARE self-cleaning, and elastic and all), so don’t mess with their natural way of doing things. Seriously.

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