Welp, we now know another terrible thing about the Saviors on “The Walking Dead”

Fans of The Walking Dead are all too familiar with (and forever scarred by) the brutality of the group that call themselves The Saviors. This week’s Walking Dead, reveals another terrible action by The Saviors. Remember, these are the people led by Negan, who killed two beloved characters in the season premiere. These Saviors, despite taking supplies from other groups, seem pretty miserable.

This week, Tara, whom we haven’t seen in a while, is scavenging with Heath. A walker attack causes her to fall from the bridge they’re on, and she basically washes up along the coast. But this coastal area also harbors a group of survivors: Women, and children, who live off fish and use bells to lure walkers away. Tara speaks with some of the group’s leaders, and she can’t help but ask where all the men are.

They tell her, and it will break your heart: They fought with another group, and the men were lost.

Later, though, we discover it went down a little differently. The group at the coast, whose community is called Oceanside, didn’t just have a random encounter with another group. Instead, they attempted to fight the Saviors, and paid for it dearly. Even man, and every male child over 10, was killed.

This shouldn’t surprise us, since after all, everything we know about Negan makes us think he’s capable of nearly anything. But knowing that he killed not only all the men, but a large portion of the children, is really awful. Negan was trying to scar this group forever, just has he did with Rick and company.

This also explains something about Oceanside. The community has a policy of killing anyone who stumbles upon their little village, so that they can stay a secret. They think by isolating themselves, they can stay safe – especially because they ran from Negan and his Saviors.

However, letting Tara live (and/or letting her escape) means there’s potential that Oceanside won’t stay hidden for long. We’d love it if they teamed up with those at Alexandria. Together with those at The Kingdom and The Hilltop, maybe they can all take on Negan for good.