A Saved by the Bell superfan goes to the Saved by the Max pop-up diner and gets…so excited

In the ‘90s, Saturday mornings were all about the live-action comedy Saved by the Bell. Watching the adventures of hunky Zack Morris and the rest of the Bayside High gang was one of my favorite pastimes. How I wished I could jump into the TV and join in on their hijinks. (Did anyone else just want to grab a keytar and performing with the Zack Attack?) While any fan will fondly remember when Screech dressed up like Michael Jackson and moonwalked in the school hallway or when the crew spent summer working at the Malibu Sands Beach Club, some of the best scenes took place at the crew’s regular hangout, The Max.

Saved by the Max, a pop-up eatery, is the IRL version of the show’s beloved restaurant. It’s is a love letter from SBTB fans like co-founder Derek Berry, who helped start the pop-up in Chicago. The first run was a major success, selling out for a full year which allowed it to make its way to the west coast (where the show actually took place). Even though you’ll feel like you stepped into a time machine back to 1993, the Saved by the Max pop-up is a fully functioning restaurant.


So if you’ve ever fantasized about sharing some fries with Zack and Kelly, you can make that dream a reality, kind of. The Saved by the Max pop-up just opened in LA and HelloGiggles was able to pay it a visit.

Be still my ‘90s nostalgia-loving heart.


The diner decor is uncanny. It looks just like The Max on the show, right down to the red vinyl booths and the pay phone. Let’s compare!

A scene from Saved by the Bell.


The Saved by the Max pop-up.


The Max was not only a place where the characters could fuel their appetites, but many iconic moments from the series occurred there, like when Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie performed as their group Hot Sundae (before Jessie’s caffeine freakout, of course), and when Slater wore head-to-toe spandex to compete in a dance contest (forever etched in my memory).


Not only will you be able to Instagram your ’90s life at Saved by the Max, you’ll also be able to get your grub on.

The menu was created by Michelin-starred Executive Chef, Brian Fisher, and includes delicacies such as the Bayside Burger, the Kelly Kapowski Montecristo, A.C. Sliders, a Lisa Turtle Milkshake, and even Tori’s Fried Chicken, a shoutout to that tough, leather-jacket wearing character who mysteriously took the place of Jessie. (Was that ever even explained?)


The cocktails menu is also hilariously creative, with drinks like the Albert Clifford (A.C. Slater’s real name, though I still believe it stands for Absolutely Charming), the Zachary Daiquiri, and — wait for it — the I’m So Excited.


There are so many tiny details at the pop-up that will make any SBTB fan smile.


You’ll have to look closely inside each locker for cleverly hidden references…


You can also get sent to Mr. Belding’s office!


And mischievously put your feet up like Zack.


There’s a merch shop, so you’ll be able to snag a Bayside souvenir.


Find ticket info for Second Semester reservations here.