A Saved By the Bell revival is finally happening, and yes, original cast members are involved

Classes at Bayside High are back in session. After more than a year of hemming and hawing about the fate of Saved by the Bell during the reboot renaissance we’re currently living in, the new streaming service Peacock has made our dreams come true. According to an NBCU press release, a Saved by the Bell revival is officially in the works, and OG cast members Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez have already signed on to star and produce. We’ve never been more excited to go back to school.

As Vulture reports, the reboot is set in a version of modern-day California where Zack Morris is governor of the entire state—um, yikes.

And, because he’s Zack Morris, he’s in trouble. The press release states that because Zack closed “too many low-income high schools,” he must “send the affected students to the highest-performing schools in the state—including Bayside High.”

“The influx of new students gives the overprivileged Bayside kids a much-needed and hilarious dose of reality,” the press release concludes. Culture clash at Bayside High? We’re so ready.

Although Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played the scheming-yet-charming Zack Morris in the original early ’90s sitcom, has not officially signed on for the reboot, this logline gives us hope that we’ll at least get a few Gosselaar cameos sprinkled throughout the show.

At present, Gosselaar is currently committed to ABC’s new show Mixed-ish, and may not be able to appear on a show produced by the recently unveiled, NBC-led streaming service, Peacock.

But we’ll just have to wait and see.

Berkley and Lopez will undoubtedly reprise their roles as Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater—perhaps now teachers at Bayside High? Or parents of Bayside students? Details are at a minimum right now, but with Peacock stating that we could see the Saved by the Bell reboot hit the streaming platform as soon as next year, we’ll undoubtedly be learning more about what’s to come in the next few months.

Let’s just hope the fashion is as on point in the revival as it was in the original series.

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