A “Saved By The Bell” diner is coming to LA, and it’s every ’90s TV fan’s dream

Big fan of Saved by the Bell? Then today is a good day, my friend, because you’re getting another chance to eat at one of the hit TV show’s most iconic spots.

A Saved by the Bell pop-up diner based on The Max — aka the favorite hangout of Slater, Jessie, Screech & co — is making its second appearance in the U.S. after a successful run in Chicago last year.

Now, The Max is heading back to its roots, with an opening planned in Los Angeles, California (not too far from the semi-fictional Palisades, where the TV show took place).

If this pop-up is anything like the Chicago version, be prepared to step into a diner that looks a whole lot like The Max did on TV.

In Chicago, ticket price to the venue included the cost of your meal (appetizer, main course, and dessert included) and came with a heavy dose of nostalgia: Almost every menu item references a scene or character from the show.

Customers often come dressed up as Saved by the Bell characters, and some even go so far as to make big romantic gestures.

“I looked over and saw this guy proposing to his girlfriend, who was dressed as Kelly Kapowski," said Derek Berry, one of the partners involved in creating the pop-up. "It was surprising, touching, a little weird, and mostly awesome."

As all proposals should be.

Follow The Max at @SavedByTheMax to stay up-to-date on the pop-up’s progress. Reservations are strongly encouraged!

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