Love your Snapchat stories too much to say goodbye? Here’s a new app for you

“If Picassos were destroyed after 24 hours, we wouldn’t know who Picasso was today.”

It’s a profound idea shared by one of Snapchat’s biggest stars: that permanence allows us to recognize genius. According to TechCrunch, Chris Carmichael, whose funny and inspirational content made him one of Snapchat’s most popular creators, realized that works of art are easy to lose on the platform: “I’m investing so much time into my Snapchats and they’re gone after.”

If you too have ever thought wistfully of snaps gone by (or “bye” as the case may be) then Slinger, Carmichael’s new app, might be just right for you. Slinger allows users to upload vertical videos and, unlike Snapchat, keep them around. Additionally, the platform enables users to Like videos and has a Popularity page, making it easy for users to discover new content creators (and further differentiating it from Snapchat).

Some may dismiss Slinger as a YouTube wannabe, but TechCrunch and Carmichael insist that vertical videos are key: they’re easy to make and easier to consume than horizontal videos. “Vertical video emerged from the phone itself. It feels like a FaceTime call. It’s very intimate,” Carmichael told TechCrunch.

Carmichael shot sponsored Snapchats for big brands, using the money earned to fund the creation of Slinger. The app has been in development since March, and just launched this week with a straightforward, easy to use platform.

After downloading the app, users can make a profile and share content of their own by uploading videos and choosing cover frames to promote them. They can also engage with content by checking out what’s trending, watching and liking videos, and following other creators.

While the app is in the early stages and user feedback will likely alter some of its features, some of its theoretical shortcomings were intentional: Slinger hopes to be a “gallery” of content, and as such, it doesn’t offer any editing tools. At the moment, there’s also no function that allows users to link or embed specific videos — which could prove important in Slinger’s competition with Snapchat and other, similar platforms.

In any case, Slinger aspires to house vertical videos in a permanent capacity, and its tools for discovering other creators could enable those creators to turn their art into a legitimate profession.

Calling all vertical video Picassos: it’s time to make yourself known. (And for the rest of us, well, now your Snapchat stories can have a forever home!)

Slinger is available for free.

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