This woman’s “save the date” announcement for her doctorate is absolutely brilliant

We’ve seen some pretty rad “save the dates” out there, but one Redditor from Kansas City, Missouri has taken the cake: Instead of celebrating being a “Mrs.,” she’s celebrating being a “Dr.”

Redditor DrOttoDO, also known as Megan, decided to create some celebratory cards to commemorate her upcoming 2017 graduation by posing some ~romantic~ pics with her medical degree.

“Not getting married anytime soon, so I sent this Save the Date out instead,” Megan wrote in the caption of the card, which reads, “Megan will go from Ms. to Dr. as she is united in love with her Medical degree.”

The post has been viewed over 440,000 times on Reddit, and although it’s totally awesome, some haters have crawled out of the woodwork to call Megan a “humblebragger.” We say that if you’ve earned a doctorate, brag your heart out!

“It’s a big accomplishment and I can be proud of it I think,” Megan wrote on Reddit. “People send out wedding save the dates all the time because they’re excited about something in their lives. Because my excitement stems from getting a professional degree instead of marriage to a person, I can’t celebrate publicly? Plus, it’s meant to be a light-hearted joke in the first place.”


We think it’s hilarious *and* important. After all, women should be able to celebrate all their life accomplishments. We think it’s totally rad that Megan has a “save the date” to celebrate her doctorate! We hope you two are very happy indeed.

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