This journalist got to be Amy Schumer’s intern for a day, we are all jealous forever

Some internships are really hard work. You have to memorize complicated coffee orders, file things alphabetically, or pretend to look busy for 8 hours.

That’s not the case for interns on Inside Amy Schumer. Today co-host Savannah Guthrie recently spent a day interning on the set of Comedy Central’s hit show starring the beloved comedienne, and work was, well – all things considered, a pretty fantastic day at the office.

As E! reports, Guthrie’s first task was fire watch. That’s when you stand around guarding the crew’s equipment and exchanging brief words with people passing by.  The show shoots in New York City, so this meant standing on a corner with a bunch of gear and making sure no one walked off with any of it. Guthrie was advised by the show’s Assistant Director Luke Sherman to disclose as little info about the shoot as possible.

“The standard line is it’s just a commercial for mayonnaise,” Sherman directed Guthrie to say.

Next on Guthrie’s to-do list was enjoying a back massage. Schumer provides two masseuse on set for the cast and crew. This sounds like the best thing that could ever happen to an intern, but it got better. Guthrie got to hang out in a dark-ish stairwell and talk with AMY SCHUMER!

When Guthrie asked the actress what a typical day for an intern entailed, Schumer did not tread lightly when explaining their roles.

“Usually our interns stand around and they make uncomfortable eye contact with each other,” she said. “But, then at the wrap party they get drunk enough to hopefully make out.”

Then the ladies discussed Guthrie’s objectives and goals for her internship.  Like any good boss, Schumer wanted to make sure she was filling her set with focussed, like-minded individuals.

“I’m just really into you,” Guthrie responded.

“That’s a great start,” Schumer said. “So far, you’re doing amazing.”

Perhaps Guthrie let the compliment get to her head, because she then asked if she could hang out with Schumer and her friend Jennifer Lawrence.

“I would love that,” Schumer told Guthrie. “But, we actually do need you to work today.”

I’m pretty sure that meant returning to the Kraft services table and snacking with the other interns. Awkward eye contact included.

Check out the video of probably the best internship in the world below:

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