Savannah Chrisley Says “The Devil Came Over Me” at Southwest Airlines Gate

The “unruly” reality star was denied boarding on a flight after repeatedly insulting an airline worker.

In this week’s celebrity versus airline news, reality TV star Savannah Chrisley was reportedly kicked off her Southwest flight for being an “unruly passenger.” According to People, Chrisley was about to board her flight back home to Tennessee at New York’s LaGuardia airport when she and a gate attendant got into a kerfuffle over her luggage.

“Alright guys, so I officially know why everyone hates Southwest so much. I mean absolutely hates it — the worst thing in the entire world,” Chrisley said in a video posted to her Instagram Stories.

“This man right here,” she continued while zooming in on the Southwest employee, “… um, awful.”

In her subsequent videos, Chrisley explained that the attendant requested that she check her bag prior to boarding the plane. When she asked if she could look for remaining overhead bin space herself, Chrisley said she was denied. The podcaster said she asked once more if she could try to bring her luggage on the plane with her and, at that, the Southwest worker allegedly called her an “unruly passenger.”

Chrisley said things escalated when a pilot intervened and offered to find a spot for her suitcase on the aircraft.

“The Southwest attendant literally looked at the pilot — the man who was flying our plane and is responsible for our safety — and said stay out of it,” she recounted to fans.

At that moment, Chrisley chimed in. “Now, I’m not gonna lie, when this Southwest attendant told the pilot to calm down, I told him that there was no need for him to be an a–hole today, and then he threw me off the flight,” she said.

Chrisley then confided in the Southwest employee that there was a “10-year-old” — her niece, Chloe — that she “absolutely [had to] get home to tonight,” to which the worker allegedly responded, “I don’t care.”

“I told him that I hope he finds a better purpose for his life,” Chrisley said. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but the devil came over me and Jesus did not come out.”

She wasn’t allowed on her flight.

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In the end, much later in the day, Chrisley boarded a different Southwest flight with a layover in Baltimore.

Chrisley’s Instagram Stories caught Southwest’s attention. A rep tells People that they are “looking into the situation” as Chrisley’s version of events don’t line up with their own.

“Our initial reports indicate a different story than the one from the Customer’s account, as she arrived at the gate late in the boarding process and repeatedly insulted our Employee after being asked to gate-check her bag,” the rep said in a statement.”

They concluded, “As a result, the Customer was denied boarding on her original flight, and we booked her on a later flight the same day.”

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