Saucebox Cosmetics is releasing a mermaid brush collection that will have you feeling like a sea siren

SauceBox Cosmetics has worked their mermaid-magic again with these luxury brushes that’ll make the sirens sing.

The mother-daughter run company brought us the Mermaid Life Palette back in March, and their undersea obsession isn’t showing signs of slowing. The brand just teased a glimpse of their forthcoming mermaid brush collection, and our hands are simply clammy in anticipation.

It’s a little hard to see in the Instagram post but it looks like there are either eight or nine brushes in the collection. We’re not sure if they’ll be available as a set or individually but we do know that we’re in love.

SauceBox sells seashells.

The hardware is a gorgeous copperish-goldish metal and the handles are matte black. The bristles are also in the warm, gold family and are a lot softer than that dinglehopper Ariel used as a hairbrush. With plenty of sizes, shapes, and types to choose from, all of our mer-makeup needs will surely be net, er, met. They’ll definitely help you make the most of your SauceBox Mermaid Palette.

The Mermaid Palette is the sauciest.

Whether you’re a lifestyle mermaid or you just want to dip your toe in the waters of mermaid beauty, you gotta admit these babies are the catfish’s meow.

The flair to match the hair.

If you can’t wait, the brand has an existing mermaid brush to tide you over. (Get it, “tide”?)

Mertail Vanity Brush – Limited Edition, $7.99


We don’t have deets on the prices or release date yet, but as always, we’ll keep you informed as more info bubbles up!

Buy the brushes when they swim up to shore on