Saturn is coming out of retrograde today, and the cosmos is giving you a second chance to tackle what’s blocking you

Saturn has been in retrograde since April 29th but it’s finally doing us the favor of going back into its direct motion today, September 18th. Saturn is the great distributor of Karma, a planet that represents reality checks. Whenever Saturn forms a strong aspect in the sky and in your chart, you find yourself incapable of escaping responsibilities, realities, limits, and restrictions present in your life. Saturn is harsh, but it’s really just reality without filter or escapism.

When Saturn was retrograde between April and today, we were offered very important lessons internally.

Everyone has been undergoing a profound internal realignment. We were forced to face some truths we were escaping, take responsibilities we were hiding from, and accept our life and our reality as it is without hiding, projecting, deflecting, blaming, or dreaming.

Each and every person is going through a different aspect of this Saturn retrograde. And everyone is working on accepting a particular truth or reality.

Saturn turning direct today allows us to move forward.

All of the things you have been working on internally are about to materialize. And all of the things you realigned and/or accepted internally are going to allow you to readjust your life, live differently, and manifest different outcomes. The more responsibilities you took internally during the retrograde motion, the more you’ll find desirable changes in your life now that Saturn is direct. This is why it’s so important to work with retrogrades.

Saturn is currently very powerful as it’s in its home, Capricorn. And it’s going to slowly join Pluto, another planet with powerful energy, in its course. Between today and January 2020, Saturn will retrace the steps it walked between January and April 2019. All of the things you worked on with great difficulties in early 2019? You’ll find yourself repeating the theme now, but with much greater ease and wisdom.

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