Saturn Retrograde is here to test you immediately after Mercury Retrograde ends

We all know Mercury Retrograde. She’s that bitch. Just when we start settling into the new year, Mercury comes to shake things up. This three-week period, which happens a few times a year, tests us in everything communication, technology, and travel-related. And just when we think we’re done with all things retrograde, suddenly Saturn goes and gets herself all topsy-turvy. Thankfully, Saturn Retrograde, which starts on April 17th, is a time of spiritual reflection that can feel surprisingly stable after being amidst Mercury’s rocky waters.

To help break down the dos and don’ts of Saturn Retrograde, as well as what it actually is, we talked to astrologer extraordinaire, horoscope queen, and founder of The MidheavenAmelia Quint.

So, what is Saturn Retrograde anyway?

Just like Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde is when the planet Saturn — which rules over karma, our professional lives, and our outer worlds — appears to start spinning in the opposite direction. Of course, this isn’t actually happening, but the look of it is enough to make the things it rules over go a little haywire. But unlike Mercury, Saturn Retrograde is less about ish hitting the fan and more about asking us to see things in a new way. While we’re focused on building things (like our careers) when Saturn is moving normally, during retrograde we’re asked to take a different approach. Amelia explains,

" During Saturn Retrograde, that energy gets redirected inward towards making sure that those aspects of your life are as spiritually fulfilling as they are lucrative. Because all your growth is taking place behind the scenes, the concrete impact of your actions is less obvious, but have faith that you're doing exactly what you need to be doing at just the right time."

But unlike Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Retrograde lasts a whopping five months.

While we all mark our calendars for the day Mercury is finally direct once more, Saturn is a little less obvious, mostly because her periods of retrograde are for so long. While Mercury Retrograde can feel like a live wire, Saturn Retrograde is what Amelia describes as a “slow burn.” And while it may feel like a big cosmic joke that we enter Saturn Retrograde a mere two days after Mercury goes direct, it’s actually not going to be that bad. Amelia says,

"Having a Saturn Retrograde right after a Mercury Retrograde is going to feel surprisingly stabilizing. I think you're going to be able to slow down and implement the lessons you learned from this Mercury Retrograde during this period and see them really take root."

Saturn Retrograde is asking us to sow the seeds of our internal lives. It’s asking us to reevaluate external power structures, and see what’s serving us and what’s not. Yes, it may feel like a lot, but with the cosmos, there’s always something new happening that’s asking you to get real about what’s going on in your world. With Saturn, this just takes a little bit more understanding of the inner reflection of our outer world. Amelia emphasizes self-care during this period, revealing,

" This is an excellent time to work on refining your daily routine to be more efficient. Saturn loves systems, so good habits in health, fitness, and sleep are all extra important during this time. Go to the gym on a regular basis, make sure you get a decent amount of sleep at night,  and fuel your body instead of tiring it out. You'll feel so much better afterwards!"

Saturn Retrograde doesn’t have to be so scary. Take care of yourself and you’ll be good to go.