This is how Saturn Retrograde will affect your zodiac sign (and your karma)

Just when we got over Mercury Retrograde, the cosmos hit us with Saturn Retrograde on April 17th. And unfortunately, Saturn will stay in retrograde until September 6th. Saturn is the father of the zodiac, meaning he’s all about justice and karma, and has no time for games. Luckily, we’ve got you covered when it comes to how Saturn Retrograde will affect your zodiac sign.

Saturn is the overlord of rules, justice, responsibilities, and reaping what you sow (aka karma). So when the planet goes retrograde, it’s important to reassess the commitments and projects we’ve taken on — whether they’re professional or personal, or both. Now is the time for us to finally say “no” and state our boundaries, or to let something go. It’s also the perfect opportunity to repent for any careless missteps or mistakes we’ve made in order to move forward with a clear conscience. Basically, we’re in for some major growing pains.

Of course, the stars and planets affect each zodiac sign differently. Here’s how Saturn Retrograde will affect yours.


You’re reflecting on your career and how you got to where you are, Aries. If you’ve been cutthroat, prepare to receive the same (’cause karma). Prepare to endure some major self-reflection as you start to view ambition in a different way. You might always be competitive, but now you value collaboration.


You’ll be sensitive and emotional more than usual, Taurus, as you finally deal with matters that you’ve been pushing down for too long. In order to clear things up, it’s time for you to dig deep and come to terms with the reality of your personal and/or professional life, and accept your part in it.


You want to improve your lifestyle, Gemini, but don’t look at money as the only means of advancement. Relationships can not only be super supportive, but they can also serve as powerful motivators. Invest in legit relationships and you’ll get what you’ve always dreamed of (and then some).


You’re trying to balance the personal and professional, Cancer, and you feel like you’re barely keeping your head above water. A possible explanation? Something you no longer need is weighing you down. Once you finally let it go, you’ll feel lighter and things will fall easily into place.


You’ll be required to have more discipline than ever, Leo. You’re used to getting your way fairly easily, but, unfortunately, your charisma won’t be enough to get you what you want this time. Keeping your ego in check and focusing on cooperation and humility will go a long way.


You’re ready to be recognized for your talents, Virgo, but you often feel like you’re not worthy enough to receive it. Now is your time to really invest in your worth as you understand and appreciate your value. When you finally see what you want everyone else to see, then the attention really won’t matter (but you’ll probably get it anyway).


Life is usually fairly “flowy” for you, Libra, but now you’ll be coming across some major issues that you can’t charm yourself out of. Being organized and disciplined — including everything from setting budgets and creating a master plan of your vision — will help you in the long run.


You’re going through a huge inner journey, Scorpio. Though self-reflection is vital to your growth, so is reaching out for support. You like to do things on your own, but your lesson is learning the importance of leaning on others for help. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. It’ll help set you free.


It’s time for you to get serious, Sag. Your carefree spirit, whether it’s your spending habits or your blunt attitude, is catching up to you. It’s time to implement a budget and/or boundaries. Taking on responsibilities, including taking responsibility for your actions, is crucial for your self-development.


The mothership is messing with you, Cappy. Your ruling planet is Saturn, which means its retrograde will affect you the most. Expect to feel a little out of your zone. You’ll hate being all over the place, but now is the time to get a handle on who you are and what you truly value in life. The flightiness will ground you. Trust.


You’re having an identity crisis, Aquarius. You might question where you’re at in life and whether you’ve been making the “right” decision in terms of your career and relationships. Try not to be too harsh on yourself. Evaluate what’s making you happy and what’s not, and then go from there. It’s all going to be okay.


You’re looking for your tribe, Pisces, and if you follow your intuition and refuse to listen to the criticism of others, you will find them. However, you’re also dealing with past trust issues. You’re not only wondering if you can trust new people, but you’re also not fully trusting yourself. It’s time to let go of the past and believe again.

Saturn Retrograde is really forcing us to deal with some big lessons in the realms of relationships and career, and the decisions we’ve made thus far. It might feel trying at times, but if we remember that these challenges are only clarifying our lives, then we can reach the other side brighter, shinier, and new. Hang in there, bbs. We’ve got this.

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