Why Saturn retrograde is the best time to get your life together

Karmic Saturn retrograde begins on May 10th PST/May 11 EST, and it’s the perfect time to boss up your life. During this planetary moonwalk, you’ll have the ability to evaluate and change circumstances or relationships on your terms. This means you get the serendipitous opportunity to transform your life and create the world you want.

However, this year, Saturn will move backward until September 28th PST/ September 29th EST in Aquarius to Capricorn. This celestial transit will give pragmatism and direction to your dreams with the incentive of making them a tangible reality.  

See below for your Saturn retrograde horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign horoscope, too.


You’re beginning to second-guess your professional dreams because they’re taking longer to flourish than expected. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have patience with yourself and the process. Success is on its way. Believe in yourself and persevere through moments of self-doubt.


You’ve been taking work way too seriously and it’s becoming the cause of all your emotional stresses and triggers. It’s time for you to find a personal balance for yourself where you can alleviate your frustrations through mindful meditation or yoga. Decompressing and relaxing your mind is key now.   


Think of this time as your personal renaissance. Your mind is evolving, allowing you to let go of rigid behaviors and thoughts. Prepare to become enlightened and gain clarity in all matters by trusting your intuition and judgments. Don’t allow yourself to be gaslighted by others. You know the actual truth.  


Boundaries are a complicated notion for you, as you tend to set them for others but not adhere to them yourself. Now, you’re redefining partnerships and setting limits (which you’ll respect, too) in order to maintain stability. Be honest with your needs to receive the treatment you want.  


Spoiler alert: You may come to find that your number one frenemy is secretly on your side (and has been this whole time). Dynamics with others will now change, too. Alliances will evolve and transform, giving you the chance to reassess and redefine your friendships by knowing who’s got your back.  


You’ve forgotten how to have fun when it comes to your job. It’s time to lighten and liven up your vibe. Don’t give 1000% of your time to projects. Instead, use the majority of your free time to meditate on and implement endeavors you’re passionate about.  


You’re undergoing a major creative breakthrough, which means it’s time for you to release the old, stale energy from your life. Breathe in fresh views and ideas through vision-boarding. This will help you let go of all the former constraints and cynicisms that have been holding you back.  


We know you’re deep and all, but life doesn’t need to be so heavy and heady all the time. Allow yourself time to smell the roses and focus on the positives. Stop dwelling on the past, as it doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, focus on the present. This is the time to live fully without regrets.  


No one knows better than you that sometimes you have to take financial risks in order to make a lucrative profit. Although you don’t have much money to gamble around with right now, play the stock market or invest sparingly to make extra money. Word of advice: Be cautious with your investments.  


Finances may be a concern at the moment. However, if you accept help from a trusted friend or family member, you can boost your bank account in no time. Allow others to be heard and consider taking their advice. After all, their guidance will totally benefit you in the end.  


Relationships are now put to the test as you’re second-guessing your partnerships. It’s totally fine to scrutinize them to see if you’re ready to commit to one person or if you want more time to play the field. Be honest with what you can give to others right now.  


Your visions can now become a reality. All you have to do is discuss your dreams with others to gain feedback and bring them to fruition. Don’t be shy. No one will judge you; they’ll applaud your brilliance. With proper guidance, you can achieve your heart’s desires.  

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