Saturn Is Entering Aquarius—Here’s What This Means For Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to open your mind for new possibilities.

The first time Saturn entered Aquarius this year was from March 21st to July 1st. Now, the austere planet is reentering the innovative sign again. On December 17th, taskmaster Saturn will start its journey in Aquarius until March 7th, 2023. During this time, you can expect progressive changes to transform your world—but, only if you are ready to do the work and evolve with this astrological transit.

Below is your Saturn in Aquarius horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Your social sphere will be shrinking, as you’re seeing that some of your friends may not be as true blue as you had thought. Finding the right people to hang around with will make you feel happy and amazing. But, you’ll have to disconnect from others who are not loyal.


No one ever said it wouldn’t be lonely at the top. While your professional sphere is expanding and you’re becoming a master in your field, you’re finding that being the boss isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You’ll miss the days of coasting by without much responsibility at work.


Opening your mind to new possibilities has been easy in the past, but now you are finding it hard to embrace a progressive mindset. Instead, you’re leaning towards more conservative views and beliefs. Try to expand your mind to different philosophies, even if it’s hard to do during this time.


Implementing boundaries with others will not only make you feel certain about the dynamic of relationships but also, will allow you to know where everyone stands in the partnership. Remember to respect the limits you’ve set with others, as you may forget to have structure with others in the years ahead.


Now that you’ve found love, there’s only one thing to do: Submit and surrender to being in a deep commitment. This will require you to consider the needs of your S.O. before making decisions, which may be hard for you to do as you’re used to focusing solely on yourself.


You may feel as though you’re bogged down with too many tasks at work and most of it is because you’re asking for extra responsibility or projects now. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you find yourself in an overwhelming professional situation, ask your colleagues for help.


Creative blocks are holding you back from achieving artistic greatness. Before you let this affect the confidence you feel towards your creative endeavors, try to find new ways to express your sentiments. Have some more faith in your talents. Believing in yourself now can boost your artistry to major heights.


Family matters will be a top priority and concern at the moment, making you put your home life before anything else. Don’t let this consume your heart and mind. Instead, give yourself a break once and a while (even though it’ll be hard) to embrace happiness.


Finding the words to express yourself has never been hard—that is, until now. You may not be able to say what you mean when you mean it or vice versa (which is a far cry away from your normal vibe). Instead, write long emails in place of vocalizing your sentiments.


Your finances are a little low, making you wish that you could’ve spent more time focusing on saving than indulging over the past years. You can mend your monetary woes by living on a budget and committing to a new financial plan that will boost your bank account.


You’re on your way to achieving greatness. However, you may prove to be your worst enemy as you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to project an image that doesn’t exist in reality. Remember that no one is perfect, even you. So chill out.


You’re healing all the parts within yourself that you haven’t dealt with for the majority of your life. This will allow you to mend your heart and personal relationships over the next two and a half years. Give yourself time to work through matters and a lot of TLC now.

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