Saturn is entering Aquarius this week, and you can expect a rise in progressive rights

Saturn is entering the sign of Aquarius for the first time on March 22nd. While it will leap back into Capricorn temporarily on July 1st, it will re-enter Aquarius on December 17th and will remain in the sign for the next three years. 

Saturn entering the sign of Aquarius is going to put a significant focus on the questions of innovations, technology, and collective progress. Think of it as “okay, Boomer,” but for three years.

Naturally, Capricorn represents the elders, the established, the conventional, and the traditional.

With Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, there’s going to be a collective movement that will fall away from the patriarchy. As a society, we will be less focused on older, white men as leaders and established structures for work environments.

Saturn in Aquarius, however, is the exact opposite type of energy—think: young, diversified, feminine leaders. Or minorities who are genderless or non-binary. The energy is going to be focused on anything new, anything modern, and anything progressive. If you were born after 1991, you’re probably not surprised or moved by any of this, but if you’re from an older generation, this might sound a little eccentric or over-the-top for you—perhaps even unnecessary or odd.

Saturn is returning to the position it was in between 1991 and 1994, effectively giving people born at that time their “Saturn return.” As much as it can be a difficult time for people to go through their Saturn returns, it’s also a time where people are given a significant chance to grow and take responsibilities. Why should you care? Because people born during this time will be given a chance to rise at positions of power and responsibilities, and this will be reflected in the collective. No matter what year you were born, you’ll be going to shift from a Capricorn (Boomer) society to an Aquarius (millennial) society.

For the next three years, you can expect a slow and rising shift from patriarchal and traditional forms of government and structures to a much more progressive and modern way of governing and organizing society.

You can also expect a rise in progressive and equal rights, especially to do with sexuality, gender, feminism, and race.

Also, because Uranus is in Taurus, it’s very likely that a large chunk of technological innovation will be focused on things like energy resources, aviation, food production, financial systems, agriculture, and real estate. Let’s call it the Elon Musk era. Anything he says that sounds a little out of touch or futuristic is likely to become the norm within the next three years.

After three years of discovering the extent of the destructiveness of our current system, we, as a society, will spend the next three years changing how we organize ourselves.