As a Millennial, the Zillow Sketch on ‘SNL’ Made Me Feel *So* Seen

Yes, I like to look at other people's houses—so what?

There are times with Saturday Night Live nails a sketch so hard that we feel like we’re watching a documentary. It was the case last year with the sketch about moms getting robes for Christmas, and it was the case again in the February 6th episode with host and Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy leading a bit about searching Zillow for homes.

For those of us who are millennials, we couldn’t help but feel incredibly seen as the SNL cast, including host Levy, put on an incredibly dramatic and downright sultry ad for the home-buying site. Each cast member was clad in their comfy best at home as they touted Zillow’s perks.

SNL cast member Heidi Gardner led the charge: You’re in your late 30s now. Sex isn’t doing it for you anymore. You need something new. Something exciting. Zillow dot com.

We. Are. Screaming! So many of us in this generation have found joy in casually scrolling through Zillow for homes we know we’ll never buy—partially because we can’t afford them and partially because we just don’t want them. Levy added a line about never wanting to move to North Carolina, but if he did, he’d buy a “big gross mansion.”

How often have we found ourselves looking at other people’s homes on the website, sharing the links with our friends, and building imaginary lives in our heads? All the damn time. Twitter couldn’t help but chime in on the obscene level of accuracy in this sketch, too.

Sigh. Thanks for understanding those of us in our 30s so well, SNL. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go scroll through mansions in Missouri and bookmark the ones we’ll never buy.

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